Client Profile


You are a multi-generational family enterprise approaching transition or in the midst of it. You may have an operating business, and you and other family members – and sometimes unrelated partners – have shared assets and business interests, in addition to your personal relationships.


The current generation, rising generation – and sometimes nonfamily management and a board – are navigating unfamiliar terrain regarding current issues, next steps and transition. This time, you may want to do things differently than in the past.

Your transition is likely about transferring ownership and management roles, and it possibly requires creating a new identity for your next stage of life (as an individual, as a couple, for the family). Or it could be about another transition challenge such as working together in new ways, integrating acquisitions into an established enterprise, or moving family members into or out of operational and governance roles. Even if you have been through other transitions, this one is different. People, issues, circumstances and times have changed.

Congratulations on recognizing that an outside perspective, expert facilitation and coaching during this transition will better serve to meet your goal to create a Lucid Legacy.


You are ready to commit to honest, informed, sensitive assessment, learning and dialogue. In the interest of progress and perpetuity, you want to take action. We share the values expressed in the Lucid Legacy  Company Profile.