Company Profile


We conscientiously, sensitively and diligently work to shine light where there is darkness – always seeking clarity in the name of creating your Lucid Legacy.

No matter how unclear the circumstances, we help family firms of varied sizes, industries, ages and geographies successfully navigate transition. We facilitate family and business meetings and working retreats. We coach individuals during transition. We deliver educational seminars.


Trust and chemistry are essential ingredients to a successful engagement. In addition to professional expertise, the values we bring to the process reflect what we look for in our clients.

  • Integrity – Be as you wish to seem. ~ Socrates
  • Ambition – You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do. ~ Henry Ford
  • Growth – The wound is the place where the light enters you. ~ Rumi


Lucid Legacy is the culmination and manifestation of 30 years of professional commitment and personal evolution by Ann Kinkade, its Founder and Principal. Ann incorporates academic training, the latest research, her own life lessons, and the most powerful insights she has gained from being engaged exclusively with family enterprises, family firm executives and individual family members since 1999.

Ann’s dedication to family enterprises runs wide and deep. For more detail see her bio.