Bio: Suzanne Kilkus Co-consultant

Suzanne deeply trusts in the wisdom of intention, attention, and inquiry.

Suzanne is skilled in inquiry, in guiding people into questions that transform their lives and relationships.  She brings a spirit of curiosity, wonder, and openness to circumstances that appear stalled in old stories and paradigms.  She guides people to infuse their lives with fresh perspectives and whole body, whole brain thinking resulting in choices that express the best of the person and the group.

Suzanne Suzanne applies family systems to workplace dynamics 

Suzanne grew up on a farm in central Minnesota which was established by and existed through several generations of her family beginning in the mid 1800’s.  Her family experience gave her a fascination and curiosity for family dynamics, family systems, and family legacy as a context for personal and relational growth and development.  This led her to the psychology and counseling profession and specifically to marriage and family therapy.  For the last 35 plus years she has worked as a facilitator, guide, assistant, and change agent in family systems, relationships, and individual development.

Her interest in family systems and how they influence other areas of life expanded into organizations and companies as she provided employee assistance services in a variety of settings, the largest being for the state of Minnesota, SE region. Her work with employees, supervisors and managers gave her a deep appreciation for the significance of work environments on peoples’ lives and development.  Being hands-on she introduced and co-created many strategies for conflict intervention/resolution, interpersonal communication, and how to establish healthy responsibility and accountability in the workplace.

Suzanne’s curiosity and appreciation are expressed in lifelong learning.

Education and development are an ongoing integral part of Suzanne’s life.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in English, a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a focus on Somatic Psychology.  She is a certified coach with the Hendricks Institute in Body-Centered and Relationship Transformation.  And also a certified coach with Guiding Mindful Change.  She is a Board Certified Coach from the National Board for Coaching.

A vital life is an active life and Suzanne’s interests include physical activities, nature, reading, writing, meditating, teaching, and the enjoyment of family activities with her three adult children, in-laws, four wonderful grandchildren, loving siblings and a large family of friends.

A favorite quote and guide she often uses is from Einstein who said that:

“You can’t solve a problem in the place it was created in.  You need to open to another level of consciousness to see what is possible.”

Suzanne invites new positive possibilities to nourish and flourish in life.