Seminars and Workshops

Ann Kinkade develops and delivers a wide variety of informative, thought-provoking and engaging workshops, keynote presentations and seminars. These presentations educate and inspire audiences of all sizes, and provide immediate and sustained take-home value. Programs can be developed to provide an overview in an hour, a more intensive experience over the course of a day, or as a multi-day curriculum. As a skilled collaborator, Ann can work with you and your team to customize the content and format of your program to meet the learning needs of your audience. If preferred, she can independently handle all aspects of development and delivery. The content and titles of all seminars and workshops are tailored to your audience and to its interests and experience.

Examples of past presentation topic areas are listed below; other topics are available upon request.
  • The challenges and competitive advantages unique to family businesses
  • Effective communication skills in multi-generational family businesses
  • Leadership skills and developmental complexities
  • Conflict resolution skills to manage the complex dynamics and overlap of family, business and ownership
  • Values identification and alignment with business and personal life
  • The role of non-family executives in family firms
  • Evolution of the family and business over generations
  • Personal and professional transitions for family business owners and successors; making changes
  • Boards and governance of the family and the business; setting policy
  • Overview of the family business industry sector; understanding the context in which family businesses operate
  • Continuity planning in the business and ownership groups

Please contact Lucid Legacy to discuss your program interests.