Bio: Sarah Hopper, Co-consultant

Sarah’s career has been a journey in pursuit of lifelong learning, catalyzed by an entrepreneurial spirit.

For the past seventeen years, her primary work has been as an advisor to many prominent families. Most of these families have launched major philanthropic endeavors, many with multiple generations; and more recently Sarah works with legacy families with businesses, helping to design family constitutions, communications policies, and education programs to “on-ramp” younger generations.

All engagements are tailored to the unique needs, goals and culture of the family. Family members work with Sarah through an in-depth discovery process, assessment and facilitated meetings and retreats. Sarah is skilled at nurturing one-on-one relationships with all family members in order to ensure that individual and collective voices are heard and that plans include frameworks for governance, operations, succession and strategic planning.

As a trusted advisor to legacy-focused individuals and multi-generation families, Sarah is:

  • Skilled in the approach of leading from behind; taking care to deeply understand clients, thoughtfully guiding and gently pushing them to meet their goals and unleash their potential
  • A natural connector, able to inspire new experiences, learning opportunities and relationships through proactive listening and subsequent introductions to people, tools and resources
  • Practical, decisive and results-oriented; master of getting it done
  • Committed to the highest level of integrity, confidentiality and professionalism
  • A persistent and relentless champion of a client’s identified goals and timelines
  • A creative and collaborative planner and facilitator of meetings, retreats and gatherings for multi-generation families

Sarah started her career in the financial sector, followed by several years fundraising for a social service organization. She spent 10 years at The Seattle Foundation, rising to the position of Vice President of Philanthropic Services before deciding to launch her own practice advising legacy families in 2011. She lives on a small island west of Seattle, where she has lived all her life except for middle school (she lived in Strasbourg, France with her family), college (she attended Smith College and majored in Economics) and in her 20s (she lived and worked across the water in Seattle.) Sarah loves her joyful and chaotic life with her husband, three kids, one Goldendoodle, and passion-filled work.