Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power. (Lao Tzu)

Through Lucid Legacy Coaching you will develop, practice and sharpen your leadership skills (both self-leadership and leadership of teams) so that you can be more professionally effective, and more personally fulfilled and alive.

Through our unique alliance, you will be supported in taking the right next steps, as defined by you. Lucid Legacy Coaching crystalizes and accelerates progress towards achieving your goals and dreams. Our work together provides an opportunity for discovery, exploration, experimentation, growth, progress and results.

You will be challenged and championed. You will be questioned and supported. And importantly, your logic and decision-making will be evaluated against what is in your heart. Integration of your knowledge, wisdom and passions will allow you to be fully authentic and transparent in your intentions and actions.

My role as a Coach is to listen deeply, ask the hard questions, and provide objective feedback. In addition to “holding up a mirror”, the coaching process “shines a light in the shadows”. This illumination allows you to create and live your own Lucid Legacy.

Your role is to commit to being honest, open, reflective and accountable.

The Process

We start with an initial discovery session, either in-person or on the phone, to explore your situation. From there, we meet either in-person or on the phone for a series of 6-12 sessions over 3-12 months. Sessions last from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Some Typical Issues and Opportunities

  1. Transitioning to your new role in the family, business, ownership or governance
  2. Adjusting to and understanding a transition that is happening within the business, family or ownership
  3. Developing leadership skills (self-leadership and leadership of others) whether you are being “groomed” to take over the reins, or for any educational or professional undertaking
  4. Managing nonfinancial implications of wealth and inheritance
  5. Identifying and clarifying your individual values and skills and connecting them to desired outcomes (i.e. creating your personal Lucid Legacy for this point in life)
  6. Resolving conflicts within yourself and with others
  7. Developing an effective personal decision-making process
  8. Strengthening your emotional intelligence so relationships are more meaningful/less conflictual
  9. Handling others’ expectations of you

Who is best served by the process?

I coach individuals (and related and unrelated pairs) who are owners, employees or family members from multi-generational family enterprises. You may be a member of a senior generation or rising generation; either way you are working on “next chapter” issues. The family enterprise itself may or may not be in a state of transition, but you are or you desire to be. Your goals, dreams and obstacles will be overlaid with my knowledge and experience in family systems, life-stage transitions, motivation, change, family-owned businesses, and family enterprise challenges.

What can you expect?

Through our working together, you will gain new insights into areas in which you may be confused, unaware, stuck, unfamiliar or unhappy. Your increased awareness paves the way for change and improvement, which is the outcome of coaching. You can expect increased clarity around your daily decision-making and identification of latent inner resources. These insights will be used to harness your individual strengths for optimal personal or professional achievement.