Bio: Anne Simon Wolf

Anne Simon Wolf, MSSW, is a Family Business Consultant and Leadership Coach specializing in developing healthy family relationships, family leadership, conflict resolution, and family business transition and transformation.

Anne is adept at bringing awareness to the conflicts, and discovering the gifts, inherent in these transitions. She enjoys the challenge of working collaboratively with her clients to find creative and effective solutions. Anne has spent her career in Madison, Boston, and San Francisco, as well as England, Ireland and Brazil, designing transformational strategies for leaders. Anne also has an active coaching business, working with CEOs and other business professionals from around the nation.

Anne has a passion for unlocking and developing the heart, spirit and presence of the leader and has dedicated her life to the pursuit of authentic leadership in the individual, family and organization. Anne brings her past 29 years of clinical experience as a family therapist and business experience as partner in a mental health clinic in Madison to her current vocation.

She is a certified Hoffman Teacher and was Dean of Faculty for the Hoffman Institute from 2002-2006. Influential in bringing the Hoffman Process to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Leadership, Anne led the first Hoffman Process taught in 2005.

Following a commitment to bring embodied leadership to world leaders, Anne completed her certification as a Somatic Leadership Coach with the Strozzi Institute. In 2007, Anne was a member of the Strozzi Institute’s team teaching Embodied Leadership principles at the Yale School of Management.