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“Success” in your family’s enterprise is the result of many unique factors and therefore no two family enterprises are the same. However, in most family firms, unspoken assumptions frequently drive behavior.

Eventually there is not common understanding of individual and shared values, needs, goals and expectations related to family, ownership and management.

Through facilitated meetings, Lucid Legacy provides a trusted forum for family and owners to develop clear, honest and open communication. The result is increased transparency and trust and therefore more connection and effectiveness as a business-owning family. Combined with one-on-one Executive Coaching, the process is enriched and forward progress towards goals is reinforced and accelerated.

All work and inquiries are held to the strictest levels of confidentiality by Lucid Legacy.

The Process

Based on information gained from interviews and gathered from other data, we make an independent assessment. In our assessment, we provide sensitive, informed, objective, customized, candid feedback about presenting issues and next steps to help you achieve desired results. This normally involves a series of facilitated (family) meetings, and individual Coaching over the course of several months, or longer. Sometimes a family retreat is the backdrop for our work. For greatest impact and benefit to our clients, we work as a team of skilled advisors.  See the bios of Ann Kinkade and the Lucid Legacy team bios.

These foundational activities provide the catalyst and basis for embracing change and taking action. With consistent high-quality feedback and training, over time you learn to apply the tools and processes without our input. Your efforts come alive through our collaboration and you create a living Lucid Legacy.

Some Typical Issues

  1. Identifying, clarifying and learning how to embody individual and shared values and objectives (i.e. creating your shared Lucid Legacy)
  2. Learning and practicing effective communication, conflict resolution techniques
  3. Managing diverse dynamics and adapting to evolving roles
  4. Implementing suitable governance structures for:
    • Family
    • Owners
    • Management
    • Board
  5. Preparing for succession by
    • Championing current and rising generation leadership development and adult professional transitions
    • Engaging nonfamily management and the Board as appropriate
  6. Creating policies for family involvement in the business, ownership or board
  7. Establishing effective decision-making protocols to best serve the entire enterprise
Who is best served by the process?

Committed multi-generational family firms who are in the midst of transition or who anticipate a transition, and who are not in the midst of active litigation with each other. Individual owners, employees, board members or family members of family enterprises who face one or more of the issues listed above. Because issues are seldom superficial and typically are complex, families commit to the consulting and coaching process as an integral part of their learning over time. Our work together and the results you achieve become a vital part of your legacy.

What can you expect?

You can expect to be challenged and supported. Courageous conversations open the door for shared wisdom and personal growth. You will learn to effectively resolve conflicts so relationships can thrive. Increased self-awareness, deepened family harmony and strong interpersonal understanding are essential core foundations to building a thriving business and enhancing shareholder value.

In return you will be rewarded with the ability to leverage your collective human and intellectual capital as the greatest assets of your family enterprise.